Международный маркетинг (на английском языке) International marketing



Language: English;

Name of the qualification and title conferred: Master of Management

Specialization: International marketing


The Master’s program "International Marketing" was introduced at the Economic Faculty in 2008. After formation in 2009 of the Chair of Marketing the Program was significantly refined and updated: its practical value was increased, the possibility of international education in the partner universities was added. Successful graduation leads to a state diploma awarding master's degree.

The main purpose of master's program is to train highly skilled, senior staff of companies in the field of marketing and staff.

Level of qualification:

Masters (Magistr) degree is a second stage degree of a two-stage higher vocational education of a university level. It corresponds to the level 6 of the International Standart Classification of Education (ISCED).


– Cooperation with international and leading Russian FMCG companies;

– Internships at the universities in Europe;

– Leading professors of People's Friendship University, Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), State University of Management;

– Participation in research and consulting projects;

– The optimal training plan in accordance with the new State educational standards of third - generation (2 years - 104 weeks including vacations during full-time of learning, 14 weeks – Business orientated practice, 120 ECTS in total).

Interaction with international FMCG companies is realized at all stages of education:

– During training plan formation (based on the qualification requirements for specialists in marketing and sales);

– Master-classes (professional modules, 5-7 practitioners);

– Internship and employment.


You will have the opportunity:

to have the systemic view on international management technologies; to analyze the challenges in international and global business, to determine the main implications of doing businesses on emerging markets; to feel the peculiarities of the cultural dimension in different states and regions; to understand the financial aspects of international marketing and the requirements for international distribution management and channel strategy;

to acquire the skills of independent analysis and its application to specific practical tasks: diagnostics and monitoring of the international activities of companies; preparation and implementation of international marketing strategies and plans; forming management styles appropriate to different international economies and cultures; evaluation of different scenarios of marketing decisions and forecasting the impacts of their implementation; development of international sales and marketing communications strategies.



Higher professional university education of a first stage (confirmed by a Federal diploma of a bachelor or a specialist) and entrance examinations; good level of English.

Program requirements: Studies are done in accordance with the individual plan under supervision of the scientific advisor who should have a scientific degree and (or) title. The Master’s program presupposes active individual work of the student, that is why classroom work should not exceed 14 hours a week (average during the whole period). Progress is checked during periodical attestations. Master’s thesis is an independent research paper made under the guidance of scientific advisor (with possible involvement of one or two consultants). The thesis is defended and final exams are taken publicly at the sitting of the state attestation commission.


Potential Companies – employers of graduates:

– Adidas Group (Department of brand marketing, product-marketing department)

– British American Tobacco Russia (CJSC "International Services Marketing tobacco ")

– Coca-Cola Hellenic (Marketing Department, Sales Department)

– Danone (Marketing Department, Sales Department)

– Johnson & Johnson (Consumer Division)

– JTI (Marketing Department, Sales Department)

– Sprandi (Marketing Department)

– L'Oreal (Marketing Department, Department of Commerce)

– PepsiCo International Russia (Marketing Department, Sales Department) Procter & Gamble (Marketing Department, Marketing Research)

– Unilever (Marketing Department, Sales Department)

– Campbell's (Marketing Department)

– Colgate-Palmolive (Marketing Department, Division of Customer)

– Diageo (Sustomer Marketing, Consumer Marketing)

– Heineken Russia (Marketing Department)

– Kraft Foods Rus (Marketing Department, Sales Department)

– Mars (Marketing Department)

– Nestle (Marketing Department, Division of Customer Service, Sales)

– Pernod Ricard Rouss (Marketing Department, Sales Department)


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